Military Responsibilities

UNMEE’s military component is committed to the Security Council mandate of 15 September 2000 (resolution 1320) and subsequent resolutions, under the overall command and control of the Force Commander. It is dedicated to establishing long-lasting peace in the Horn of Africa while at the same time undertaking humanitarian activities to assist the affected population of both countries.   

The Force’s main military responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor and verify the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement
  • Support and conduct the Military Co-ordination Commission
  • Maintain liaison with military authorities
  • Monitor the re-deployed positions of the forces of both parties
  • Monitor key and sensitive areas in and along the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ)
  • Conduct challenge inspections
  • Investigate incidents and violations
  • Monitor the militia and police in the TSZ
  • Control and monitor the TSZ with checkpoints and patrolling
  • Support de-mining and humanitarian aid activities
  • Support the border demarcation process, including de-mining for demarcation.