Military Coordination Commission (MCC)

As provided for in the Agreement of the Cessation of Hostilities, UNMEE established a Military Coordination Commission (MCC) to "coordinate and resolve issues relating to the implementation of the mandate of the Peacekeeping Mission and to deal with the military issues arising during the implementation period" with the Parties. The first of 37 meetings took place on 2 December 2000. The last meeting was held on 30 July 2006. The Commission provided the only platform for high-level officials from both countries to have direct contact on security-related issues.

The first MCC meeting was inaugurated by the then Special Representative, Legwaila Joseph Legwaila. The 37th Meeting of the MCC was held on 30 July 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya. Acting SRSG, Azouz Ennifar and Force Commander Major General Mohammad Taisir Masadeh represented UNMEE at the meeting. Ethiopia’s delegation was led by Maj Gen Yohannes Gebremeskel. The Eritrean delegation was headed by Col Zecarias Ogbagaber. The African Union (AU) was represented by Brig Gen Otisitswe Tiroyamodimo.