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12:57:59, Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017

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Departing troop total approaches 700

Asmara, 11 March: Another 190 peacekeepers from UNMEE's Indian battalion (INDBATT) left Eritrea on a charter flight for Delhi today, bringing the total number of Indian troops departing the Mission this week to 305. A total of 397 troops from the Jordanian battalion (JORBATT) have also left Asmara. Additional flights home for INDBATT and JORBATT troops are scheduled for next week.

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Special Report of Secretary-General released

New York 6 March: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has instructed UNMEE to begin relocating military personnel now in Asmara, to their home countries, pending a decision of the Security Council on the future of the Mission.

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First UNMEE peacekeepers leave Eritrea

Asmara, 4 March: The first 50 UNMEE peacekeepers relocated out of Eritrea today on a UN flight from Asmara. The soldiers, from the Jordanian Battalion, are en route to Amman with their

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UNMEE completes regrouping in Asmara

Asmara, 3 March: UNMEE completed the regrouping of its peacekeeping personnel and equipment to Asmara at the weekend and closed its two last posts in Camp Dunn and Barentu. All troops of the Jordanian, Indian and Kenyan battalions have left the

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Progress made in regrouping of peacekeepers in Asmara

Asmara, 28 February – UNMEE's relocation from 33 deployment sites in the Temporary Security Zone to Asmara continued to make progress today. Some 788 out of a total of 1,115 military personnel have regrouped in the Capital while 112 are in Assab.

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Regrouping efforts continue

Asmara, 26 February: Eritrean soldiers at a checkpoint near Senafe have blocked the passage of eight UNMEE vehicles in the past 24 hours. Senafe is located in Sector Centre of the Temporary Security Zone. The vehicles were travelling to Camp Dunn to collect

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UNMEE regrouping continues without restrictions

Asmara, 25 February: UNMEE's regrouping of peacekeepers and equipment in Asmara continued without restrictions today. So far, seven out of 11 Team Sites in the Temporary Security Zone have been vacated and four out of 21 posts have been closed. By the end of the day,

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UNMEE personnel and equipment to regroup in Asmara

New York, 19 February: The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) is to regroup its personnel and equipment in Asmara to speed its relocation following Eritrea’s lack of cooperation with a temporary move across the border into Ethiopia.

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Eritrea urged to stop blocking UNMEE's relocation

New York, 15 February: Leading UN officials and the Security Council have appealed to Eritrea to stop obstructing the temporary relocation of UNMEE amid growing concern over dwindling food and fuel supplies for the Mission's peacekeepers.

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Temporary relocation of UNMEE begins

14 February New York: A temporary relocation of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) from Eritrea to sites on the Ethiopian side of the border, has begun. The relocation was announced by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today

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